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Welcome to the Kool Plates website. Kool Plates Inc. is Canada’s premier provider of European style personalized vehicle plates. We supply to the trade and the public European German Plates, European British Plates and European Italian Plates to name just a few. All of our custom European plates are designed with your choice of letters and numbers using the official fonts used in the respective countries of origin. We also create custom vanity plates using your own designs, logos or images to make your plate truly unique.

The plates are made from reflective and acrylic materials and are 520 x 111mm (Approx 20.5 x 4.5”) and 12 x 6” (Approx 304 x 152mm) in size.

Acrylic plates have been used in Europe for many years now, taking over where the metal plates left off . The plates are flexible and very long lasting. Images are printed on the inside of the plates using a colour laser printer, this process produces an end product that is highly resistant to fading in high and low temperatures and will never rub off no matter how often you wash you vehicle.

At Kool Plates we provide a product that is unrivalled in the industry; complete customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Our website has been designed for easy navigation. Choose from pre-designed plates or a large selection of colors, fonts and logos using our interactive plate constructor to design your plate on-line. we can integrate your own designs, logos, images to make your plate truly unique.

We hope that you enjoy surfing our website, welcome your comments and suggestions and look forward to supplying you with a quality product.

The Kool Plates team.